Willburg – Gear & Clothing

Contact person: Tobias Löffler
Correspondence: Deutsch, English
Foundation: 2017

Address: Bebertalerstr. 1
39343 Nordgermersleben Germany
Phone: +49 39062 48 98 51
Fax: +49 39062 48 98 52
Web: http://willburg-gearandclothing.com

Willburg stands for traditional values and respect for the hard work and achievements of past generations. From a time when there was nothing else but a man and his own abilities, experience and ingenuity to help him survive in the harsh natural world and to succeed in conquering the wilderness for the betterment of his family and his community.

Willburg Gear and Clothing is steeped in the South African culture of resilience, strength, willpower and survival. Our logo, the Willburg Lion stands for the confidence and power of men who are grounded and comfortable in whichever surroundings they might find themselves in.

Built as a tactical and hunting label, our emphasis is always on quality, functionality and durability. With a keen awareness of our South African heritage, the Willburg team has a great depth of technical knowledge and experience in performance textiles, Garment Design, fitting, development and construction, sourcing and manufacturing.

With a network of advisors and consultants from the worlds of hunting, fishing and the Armed Forces, your Willburg team develops and builds the clothing and equipment you need. We create and innovate as well as listening and responding to the needs and expectations of the wearers and users out there in the field.

International exhibition for hunting and fishing
24/01/2023 - 29/01/2023
Location Westerfalenhallen