Wild Nutrition

Correspondence: English

Address: (Unit 2, The Old Brewery,) Thomas Street
BN7 2FQ Lewes Great Britain
Phone: +44 1273 477898
Web: http://www.wildnutrition.com

At Wild Nutrition we hold the wisdom of nature & the application of science at the heart of everything we do.

Our bespoke formulations have been created and researched by Nutritionist Henrietta Norton, an expert in nutritional medicine and are tailored to support the ebb & flow of your health at whichever stage of life you are at.

We are as discerning about what we put in our products as you are about what you put in your body. Therefore it is Wild Nutrition's undying mission to use only the most body-friendly sources of nutrients.

You wont find us using fillers, binders, artificial colour's or flavouring's in any of our products. It is our policy to manufacture all our products under low heat conditions, retaining the essential enzyme activity needed for optimum utilisation by the body - not a process commonly adopted by other commercial manufacturers.