Wildmark Ltd

Contact person: Esa Nykänen
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 150 000
Foundation: 2016
Operation Level: International

Address: Wildmark, (Venny Soldanintie 28)
10900 Hanko Finland
Phone: +358 40 900 43 39
Web: http://www.wildmark.fi

Wildmark Ltd is a Finnish company offering top-notch hunting and fishing experiences in Finland. The owner of Wildmark Ltd and outfitter Esa Nykänen has extensive experience of all kinds of different hunting and fishing from the past 25 years. All guides are highly professional and hand-picked because of certain skills, hunting or fishing methods they have specialized in. Building on this experience we are able to offer nearly a 100 % success rate on all of our hunts and fishing trips.

We hunt or fish what you want. It does not matter if it is several species or only one good trophy. Our asset is that we are not forced to stay on only one particular area. We can and will go where we have the best opportunities to find targeted game or fish species, this means usually where best populations are found at the given time. However, hunting good numbers of animals does not necessarily mean good quality trophies and vice versa. Therefore it is important for us to know what you are looking for. White tail and moose roam on an average area of 100 000 ha and migrating birds generally move all the time. It is exactly the same with fishing since different species tend to be found on different areas depending on the season.

Hunting Travelling

International exhibition for hunting and fishing
30/01/2024 - 04/02/2024
Location Westerfalenhallen