Sivanesan Company (IND)

Correspondence: English
Operation Level: Regional

Address: 271, P.H. Road, Kilpauk
600010 Chennai India
Phone: +91 44 2836 1054
Fax: +91 44 2836 0500

It comes naturally for our esteemed customers and business partners to expect high quality and standards that reflects their refined tastes. I'm happy to say that over 34 years since inception, the Sivenesan Group of Companies has been able to consistently deliver the same with quality products that have achieved uniformly high levels of "customer satisfaction"? and "business trustworthiness"?.

A delivery that's made possible by vision, commitment and the efficient execution of business functions across the company. And we at Sivanesan, wholeheartedly intend to maintain the same for years to come.

We look forward to serving you now and in the future as well.

International engineering exhibition
22/09/2022 - 24/09/2022
Location Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Hall
Dar-es-Salaam (changing)
International trade fair on consumer goods
03/02/2023 - 07/02/2023
Location Messe Frankfurt