Porto World, LDA

Contact person: Sandra Peres
Correspondence: English, Portugues, Español

Address: Rua Augusto Lessa, 145
4200-099 Porto Portugal
Phone: +351 223 23 96 06
Web: http://www.portoworld.pt

500 years ago our forefathers found the maritime route to all 5 continents starting in Africa, India all the way to Japan.
... And so the intercontinental maritime commerce was born.
This same spirit of going beyond, led Carlos Silva to create Porto World.
We know the world is quite big, but it is our commitment to make it smaller and simpler for you.
So our job is to research all over the world, to find the best, the most competitive products in the fastest and safest way to deliver it to you.

- Beef
- Port
- Chicken
- Duck
- Turkey
- Fish

International exhibition for food and drink products, sweets and confectionery
19/09/2023 - 22/09/2023
Location Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center
Russian Federation