Mr. Mood

Correspondence: English, Portugues

Address: Rua das Carmelitas, n 151 L - 1.J
4050-162 Porto Portugal
Phone: +351 936 62 92 84

“It could be the warmth of the weather. The beauty of the seascapes.
The open secrets of the cuisine or even the unapologetic joy of the people.
Whatever it may be, the Mediterranean inspires passion like no other place.”

It’s from this passion that Mr Mood was born as a brand willing to capture this summery mood and translate it into clothing. It is all about the sensibilities to us.

Our pieces are as colorful as the natural tones of the Mediterranean landscape, our cuts compliment the human silhouette just as the smooth breeze compliments the bare sun. Our patterns and details are just as bold as they are unassuming, exactly as the finest things about the Mediterranean culture.

International exhibition of new trends
20/01/2024 - 22/04/2024
Location Paris expo Porte de Versailles