Fence in a Bag

Contact person: Derrick Wyss
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2014
Operation Level: National

Address: 624 Woodward Ave
ON L8H 6P1 Hamilton Canada
Phone: +1 416 435 8540
Web: https://www.fenceinabag.com

The complete unit only weighs 11 pounds but is built to last and look good regardless of what you use it for.

5 sturdy steel poles with steel hooks will keep the fabric in place securely at all times. The heavy duty metal grommets insure that the material will not rip when attached to the poles and also makes securing fabric to the poles very simple. Each pole extends and locks into place with just a few turns yet will stay in place to ensure your fence remains secure as possible at all times.

The fabric is polyester treated with polyurethane so you know it is durable , easy to clean and will look good for years to come but yet is strong and reliable so it can withstand whatever you decide to use it for.

The durable bag keeps everything secure and easy to carry with the reinforced handles for extra security

Portable fabric fence

National pet industry trade show
18/09/2022 - 19/09/2022
Location International Center