Buccara GmbH und Co. KG

Contact person: Kashif Arif
Correspondence: Deutsch, English
Operation Level: International

Address: (Burg Ockenfels)
53545 Linz am Rhein Germany
Phone: +49 160 90 71 86 21
Fax: +49 2644 56 53 09
Web: https://www.buccara-africa.com

Throughout history, man has followed the wings of migratory birds and tracked the hoof-prints of animals to arrive at secret places of plentiful nourishment, relaxation, peace and beauty. The initial journey is often the beginning of a long and respectful relationship between land and culture, flora and fauna, to live in harmony the way nature intended us to do.

It is a journey such as this that in 1774 the Clifton Estate was established, and throughout the centuries this special relationship grew and prospered to become the Buccara Wildlife Reserve Karoo.

While the Buccara brand name is relatively new, it’s derived from centuries-old journal notes of Marco Polo the Adventurer, as well is the traditional indigenous African name for a “gentleman”. A badge of honor, pride and respect for any person that desires to experience life’s adventures in quality and style.

At Buccara Wildlife Reserve Karoo, we’re proud to honor this tradition as we do in all of our exclusive destinations throughout the world. Where healthy living, peaceful coexistence with the land and indigenous culture, wildlife conservation, ecological awareness, and a quality of life is preserved by our team to be shared with and enjoyed by all of our guests.

We sincerely believe you’ll enjoy your stay with us, and with excitement and anticipation look forward to the beginning of a great relationship and many adventures together.

International exhibition for hunting and fishing
30/01/2024 - 04/02/2024
Location Westerfalenhallen